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Tubbehaugen Camping has 3 cabins and an apart­ment for rent. The ca­bins are all cozy, with both bunk­beds and a sofa­bed for 4 people. The ca­bins have well-­equip­ped kit­chens and good isolation which makes them perfect for the winter seasons. WC and showers are only 30 meters away. The apartment has its own bath­room, 5 beds, and a big south fa­cing ter­race
hut 1 opening

   Cabin 1 (20 m2)
hut1a hut1b hut1c

   Cabin 2 (18 m2)
hut1a hut1b hut1c

   Cabin 3
hut1a hut1b hut1c

hut1a hut4b hut4c