D o n k e y  w a l k        D o n k e y s        B o o k i n g         P r i c e s         I n f o        C a m p i n g 

P r i c e s

Trollstien  1 donkey kr.400, extra donkey; kr.300
Included coffee / tea / juice and something to eat.
Duration approx. 1,5 hour.

The Ride  1 donkey kr.125, extra donkey; kr.100
Included a 'Donkey driving certificate'.
Duration approx. 10 minutes.
You do not need to book the Ride, just come by!

arrangement by appointment  We can also arrange for other trips such as. mountain hike, multi-day hike, birthday party and hikes elsewhere. Feel free to get in touch to hear the possibilities and prices!

You're going on a trip with a living animal, and things can happen. Follow our instructions, and get in touch if unexpected things occurs.
The trip is at your own risk.